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How to Choose Kitchen Backsplash?

Backsplash is a personality piece. The material you choose to add to your walls between the countertops and cabinets will showcase the design of your place whether it’s classic or modern.

When choosing backsplash it’s important to consider the budget, size of your space, and style. There are different types of materials available: glass, stone, metal or natural ceramic that features even most complex designs.

Ultimately, it is your focal point and an opportunity to be creative. So, you want to pick the material you are happy with.

In today’s post we will help you to choose kitchen backsplash that will make your place even more beautiful, comfortable and cozy.

Mosaic Patterns

Mosaic patterns come in established patterns. Their smalls size allows to create interesting designs in beautiful colors. To keep things simple and consistent, purchase mosaic patterns. They come in sheets that you can add to your wall. We recommend this for an easy installation if you don’t have much experience with DIY.

Porcelain and Ceramic

These tiles share very similar features, although they are made out of different material. Ceramic is made of clay and porcelain made from pressed porcelain dust. They both look aesthetically pleasing and are easy to clean, making them perfect for your renovation project.


Glass tiles are made from new and recycled glass. They are scratch proof, and can have a smooth or textured surface. It makes them visually interesting and environmentally friendly.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is known for its durability and beauty. Different types of this stone are available: granit, marble, slate, bluestone, sandstone and travertine. If you prefer a more seamless look, try matching your countertop to the look of the stone you decide to go with.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel comes in a variety of options. From small interlocking tiles to large sheets of panels that have artistic designs. Stainless steel is very durable and is easy to clean.

Peel and Stick

Another way to decorate your space between the cabinets and countertops is by adding peel and stick sheets. They are lightweight, precut and can be installed within just a few minutes over a clean and sleek surface without any special tools. If you go with peel and stick for your renovation order them at a home improvement store or online.

If you need help installing backsplash, or need any service with your kitchen remodeling, call Art Kitchen Pro today and we will be happy to help you create the kitchen of your dreams!